Please note that the information contained here is intended as a guide only and is subject to change without notice. Please contact the club for the latest prices.

The Season - September to April

  • Membership is £130 (£80 for students/juniors) for the season running from the start of September through to the end of April and includes registration with Badminton England and the local leagues. Payment must be made in full in September, or in two equal amounts in September and October respectively.

  • Match fees are £7 (£6 for students/juniors) for all League games.

  • There is a visitors fee of £7 per week (£6 for students/juniors) for non-members looking to join. This is for up to a maximum of 3 weeks, except during the summer club. After which time the Selection Committee decides, taking into account existing membership numbers, whether the person can join.

    Please note, however, that you must contact us first in order to check availability before visiting.

Summer Club - May to August

  • The summer club is charged separately and runs from the start of May through to the end of August. Members have a choice of paying either £7 per week, or £70 upfront for the whole period - a saving of over 40%!

  • Visitors welcome at £7 per week.

  • Students/juniors are £50 for the whole period, or £6 per session.