Woodford Park
Woodford Park on a rather dull day! [Click here for another photo of Woodford Park]

Where is it?
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Woodford Park is a stones throw from the centre of Woodley, a suburb just outside Reading and down the road from Wokingham. Just off the A329 (Wokingham Rd) that connects Reading to Wokingham.

From the A329 in Earley (Wokingham Rd - Loddon Bridge, George Pub, Showcase Cinema) head north along Loddon Bridge Road, under the railway bridge and motorway bridges, all the way to the Just Tiles Roundabout. Continue ahead into Butts Hill Rd. From Butts Hill Road, turn first left and head along Haddon Drive and hang a left through the gates into Woodford Park. The Car Park is at the top of the hill.

If you are coming from the A4 (Bath Road) / Sonning direction then you will need to head south from the A4 into Pound Lane, which then turns into Butts Hill Road.

More information about Woodford Park, including contact details, can be found on the Woodley Town Council website.

What's it like?
Sports Hall with 5 badminton courts. Reasonably grippy sprung wooden floor with the badminton courts well marked (only 1 other 'pitch' marked out - hockey I think). Very well lit. Bluey/grey walls (not too light) also help with the excellent visibility. The floor has been known to be a bit slippy in the past, and to be honest could do with a sweep every now and again, but I don't think it's too bad at the moment. Top venue. Check out the photo of the hall from a recent RMB match.

Update 23rd April 2006... Woodford Park has been closed the last couple of weeks while they have resurfaced the floor! Varnished, slightly darker and a tad shinier than before, it now provides perfect grip! Top venue!! How long will it last? Thing is, they have also told us we can no longer use a table in the corridor for our drinks and biscuits because of the (new) fire regulations!? They don't want 'groups' of people hanging around the fire door!? Did they before?! Good grief! So, refreshments are now upstairs!

Update 9th November 2010... The floor has been shockingly bad over the last few weeks in my opinion. Often it's just a fine dust that makes it very slippy. People have been seen to wear their outdoor shoes, leaving chunks of mud on court which is completely unacceptable. The club made a formal complaint to the centre a couple of weeks back and the following week it was great - perfect in fact. But tonight for the match it was sh*t!

The Inn On The Park
The pub is next door!

Nearest PubNearest Pub
There is a pub right next door, the "Inn on the Park" (pictured). Infact it's part of the same building - you don't even have to go outside - just to the right of the sports hall (above). Can be a bit smokey though; just what you need after a couple of hours on court! They always have a couple of unusually named guest Ales on tap and a large projector screen for the footy.

Update 23rd April 2006... The pub has been 'refurbished' whilst Woodford Park was closed over the last couple of weeks. Can't say that it's an improvement though! Granted it does seem a little less smokey, but they have also removed the benches, the 'standing bar' and the atmosphere! A bar with no benches?! It's all tables and chairs now. Anyone for a 'beetle-drive'?! The projector has also gone, in favour of a smaller plasma screen. They still sell beer though.

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