Here is a list of other badminton related websites that may be of interest...

Sites that cover Badminton in general, or the whole country! Listed roughly in order of importance / usefulness.
  • Badminton Association of England Ltd ->
    The Association that keeps everything ticking over. Includes complete lists of affiliated Badminton Clubs throughout England and helps you find your local club. Hhhmm, they seem to have changed their name from 'BAofE' to 'Badminton England'! Why? The old URL still works though.

  • Play Badminton - A Badminton England Site
    A simple site to help you find a club or place to play badminton in your area. A site set up by Badminton England.

  • International Badminton Federation (IBF) / World Badminton Online
    The official world badminton website. News, world rankings, results, rules and much much more. I'm sure these sites used to be different, but they are now one and the same!

  • Badminton Central
    A wealth of information, playing technique, photos, where to play - all around the world! World rankings, lots of forums to discuss badminton and plenty more! Looks good!

League and County Badminton Associations. Listed alphabetically.
  • Aldershot & Camberley District Badminton League
    A very comprehensive and well put together site. The ability to analyse any players performance is pretty damn good!

  • Berkshire County Badminton Association
    (2nd Dec 2007) There is a new Berkshire Badminton website!

  • Bracknell & District Badminton Association
    The league currently has 18 member clubs, competing in 7 divisions (2 mens, 2 ladies and 3 mixed). Great site, enabling you to analyse match results, which are published weekly.

  • Crewe and District Badminton League
    Like it says on the tin - a load of info and photos controlled by a collapsable explorer type menu.

  • Newbury & District Badminton Association
    A wealth of information about the Newbury badminton leagues, tournaments and everything badminton.

  • Reading Badminton Association
    Details all the clubs (and teams) in the Reading Badminton Leagues. League standings, results and even the rules! But the site is a bit of a mash. You'll need to plough through many screens of results to get the one you're after; which probably isn't there anyway as it's way out of date!

  • Shetland Badminton Association
    Yes, the badminton league that is way up t'north! It may be small, but it's all badminton! How did I find this one? Well, they use the same ISP that we used to!

Other Badminton Clubs around the UK (United Kingdom) and the rest of the world, who have there own websites. Listed alphabetically. For local clubs who play in the Reading and Bracknell leagues, see also the [Clubs Page].
  • Arches Badminton ClubUnited Kingdom
    Arches Badminton Club is based in Cardiff and enters men's, ladies' and mixed teams in the local league. Please visit their web site for more information.

  • Barton Badminton ClubUnited Kingdom
    Barton Badminton Club is based in the Staffordshire village of Barton-under-Needwood and is twinned with the German club SUS-Darme club in Lingen, Germany!

  • Clandon Badminton ClubUnited Kingdom
    A fairly local club, playing in the Aldershot & Camberley league, that seem to have been going for years. They play over at St Peters Catholic Comprehensive School, Merrow, Guildford on Tuesdays. A pretty comprehensive site, but the fixtures are passworded.

  • Chiltern Edge Badminton ClubUnited Kingdom
    A friendly club providing players with the opportunity to display their skills in the Reading Badminton league, where they have eight teams entered.

  • Eagles Badminton ClubUnited Kingdom
    Playing in the Aldershot & Camberley league over at Oak Farm School, Farnborough on Tuesdays. Sept 2005 - The site is under construction.

  • Hawley Badminton ClubUnited Kingdom
    Meet every Monday at Fernhill School in Farnborough, Hampshire, UK. And play matches in the Aldershot and Camberley League (ACDBL) and in the Reading League (RBA). Home matches are on a Wednesday and Thursday.

  • New York City Badminton Club
    Yes, that's right - the Big Apple! Now this is a badminton club! Although there's no fixtures or results - the site could be better.

  • Prospeed Badminton
    A badminton club in Malaysia, manufacturing Prospeed SamuraiDx Rackets. Includes some useful information about badminton rackets and even how to restring your own in 15 mins!

  • Silver Fox BCUnited Kingdom
    Hey it's us!!

  • Shuttlers
    This is a Yahoo Club set up by a couple of guys who play for Shuttlers in Barbados. Yes, that's right - Barbados (man)! So, if you're interested in a spot of badminton and a dip in the Caribbean, then look no further!

  • Ufton Badminton ClubUnited Kingdom
    A very friendly club, good badminton and entertaining banter down the pub afterwards - what more can you want? ;o) The club is based in Theale, near Reading (and near Silver Fox!) and are in the process of building their own website.

  • Wellington Badminton ClubUnited Kingdom
    Playing in the Aldershot & Camberley league over at Wellington College, Crowthorne on Wednesdays. All the info is on the homepage with another for fixtures.

  • Windsor Badminton ClubUnited Kingdom
    This is the club in Berkshire, UK. A very comprehensive site for a local club (and a rather exclusive URL) - a wealth of information about matches, results, news and a load of links to other badminton sites.