Notes for badminton coaches

Badminton Association of England
Notes for Badminton Coaches

... and all keen badminton players!

A scanned in guide. A bit old maybe, but it's all here. (This is where Craig gets it all from! ;o)

Training guide...
Fitness Training in Badminton

Cameron came across this document on the BAofE website and thought it particulary useful to have a copy here, easy to hand, incase it should disappear at some point in the future. The original article can be found here, and as the BAofE says:

This article, produced by the BAofE, includes an introduction to the game, general principles of fitness training (specificity, progression and variation), training techniques for badminton (warm up and warm down, on-court fitnesss training types, off-court fitness training types) and development of specific fitness components.

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A bit of fun...

Badminton is an aggressive sport!

A good doubles team...
according to Snoopy.

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